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Hive Cuff
Honey bees are amazing social creatures that create amazing treasures and provide vital benefits for plants, gardens, and farms and thus to all of humanity.  These little dynamos collect nectar, accidentally transport pollen, and create that sweet delicious treat that Winnie the Pooh could not live without.
This cuff bracelet was inspired by the way light filters through the wax combs full of honey that are their gift to us. Just looking at the bracelet might make your mouth water. The irregular shape is designed for comfort to cup the wrist bone.
This bracelet has been printed in wax and then cast in metal and finished by hand to maintain the printed texture.  Flexible enough to fit most women's wrists. Intended for the right wrist but it'll work on either arm. Available in Brass, Polished Sterling Silver and Oxidized Sterling Silver.  For more about our production processes, visit our production page.
Oxidized Sterling Silver 925
Sterling Silver 925

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