DESiGNERiCA Sustainability

What does Sustainability mean?

Very simply, activities that are sustainable can be continued into the future indefinitely without the consumption of irreplaceable resources or the creation of materials that cannot be reused.  Truly sustainable processes create no waste.  When speaking of processes that take place on earth, we have two ways in which materials can be reused- they can be reused by human processes (recycling or reusing a product) or they can be reused by natural processes (biodegradable).

How does/will Sustainability affect us?

We all learned about the food chain in school.  We eat other organisms approximately 3x a day for energy.  In addition, humans are dependent upon other organisms to maintain temperatures and air qualities that make the earth habitable for us. By utilizing processes that are not sustainable, we are not in anyway endangering the earth, which will continue to exist regardless of the presence of living species.  What we endanger is the future of humanity.  Humans live in a house built on a foundation of other species.  By destroying those other species, we are eroding the foundation upon which our house is built.  It may be slow and gradual, and sometime we won’t even notice the cracks that are developing in our basement, but eventually the foundation will be so weak that the house will collapse.    We are NOT speaking of “saving the planet.” We ARE speaking of maintaining an environment that is habitable for humans.

What makes DESiGNERiCA’s work sustainable?

At DESiGNERiCA we try our hardest to create products using methods and materials that have minimal environmental impact.  In addition, many pieces are designed to minimize unused material and the consumption of energy involved with transportation.  All waste materials are re-used, recycled, or biodegradable.  The boxes we use are made from 100% recycled paper.  For more specifics regarding individual designs, please visit those pages or contact us.

Where can i learn more?

A few books that are readable and informative:

Cradle to Cradle

Natural Capitalism

Hot, Flat, and Crowded

The Ecology of Commerce