DESiGNERiCA Production

All our products are originally designed by Erica on her computer using 3D modeling software and manufactured using innovative technologies in the United States.  We maintain low inventories, so your order may require custom production.

3D Printed Nylon:

Designs made from 3D printed nylon are durable yet exceptionally light weight.  They are created using a process called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) which utilizes a laser to selectively melt successive layers of powdered nylon.  The process allows for printing interlocking parts.  Parts are printed from white nylon and dyed after printing.

3D Printed Steel (optional Gold or Antique Bronze Plated):

Designs made from 3D printed steel are hard but may be slightly flexible depending on the design. They are created using a multi-step process.  First, successive layers of powdered steel are selectively adhered using an organic binder.  These fragile parts are then baked in an oven where the binder burns away and the steel is infused with bronze.  The result is approximately 70% steel and 30% bronze.  The pieces are polished but the surfaces continue to appear slightly granular.  Finally, the pieces can be plated with 24k gold or antique bronze.

Laser-Cut Bamboo:

Bamboo plywood is made by cutting, pressing and gluing strips of dried bamboo  It is a more sustainable alternative to traditional woods because bamboo is extremely quick-growing.  The color of the "wood" is altered from blonde to amber by applying heat to caramelize the sugars in the grass stalks.  We pack as many pieces onto each sheet as possible to minimize waste.  Parts are manufactured using super-accurate laser cutters to accurately reproduce each piece. Bamboo is finished with natural oils and may require occasional re-oiling to bring out the natural texture of the material.  Jewelry is finished using sterling silver or gold-filled components.

Cast Metal (Brass, Sterling Silver, Gold):

We now offer designs made from brass, sterling silver, or 14k yellow, white, or pink gold.  These pieces are 3D printed in steel (see above) or castable wax from a 3D computer model.  They are then manufactured using traditional lost-wax techniques and finished and polished by hand.  The resulting parts exhibit the flexibility normally associated with that metal and are significantly more adjustable than 3D printed steel.  Any items offered in 3D printed steel may be custom ordered in brass, sterling silver or gold. Contact us for a quote on a custom piece.