DESiGNERiCA Feedback

A few things customers have had to say...

“[Urban Development is a] very cool and edgy ring. Quite comfortable to wear. Fast ship... I will take a serious look at more items from this seller. Highly recommend.”
“Amazing ring! Texture and detail is stunning…. Excellent fast shipping... Take a look at this jewelry!!!” [about Double Moonball Ring]
   -Caroline from Boston, 6/29/14

“Wonderful design on the items themselves and super quick delivery; my girlfriend loves them! Couldn't recommend more!”
   -Justin from Atlanta, 5/7/14

“I've been wanting [the Double Moonball] ring for so long, and I'm thrilled to have finally gotten it! It arrived super fast, and I haven't taken it off since I got it! Thanks so much. <3”
   -Marie from VA, 4/24/14

“Love this piece!  Can’t wait to gift it to my friend!” [about the Aerialist Necklace]
   -Cheryl from MI, 3/1/14

“Love my hive cuff. So glad I chose the brass! It's a beautiful glowy finish. Very elegant.”
   -Christine from CA, 11/22/13

“[The Three Seeds Ring] is an amazing ring. Beautiful work of art, and also surprisingly comfortable to wear. Thank you!”
   -Rebecca from San Francisco, 9/17/13

Really gorgeous!” [Fruit Slice Coasters]
   -Mary from MA, 3/27/13

“A stunning necklace. I am very pleased with my purchase.”
   -Sharon from Australia, 1/5/2013

“This honeycomb ring is beautiful!!”
   -Divya from FL, 10/24/12

“Love [the Double Starburst] ring! Very comfortable, pretty, feminine, modern. Great price! Made very well.”
“This Artist is very talented. I have ordered 2 rings from her and love them both. Her steel has a wonderful color to it. Very neutral, sort of like raw platinum.”
   -Penny from IL, 6/4/12 & 6/16/12

“Exceptional design. Thank you!”
   -Margit from Australia, 5/11/12

“Somehow, these [fan coral coasters] are even nicer in person than they are in the pictures. Lovely, well made, and shipped with care. Thanks!”
   -Minerva in Orlando, 3/20/12

“So beautiful! I'm absolutely in love with it and now I want the others from the set! Thank you so much!”
   -Gretchen from NY, 3/1/12

“I love this ring! It's cooler than I thought it would be! Thank you!”
   -Christina from Knoxville, 1/30/12

“....the best ring I've ever had!!!! Thank you Erica, it's FABULOUS!!!”
   -Valentina from Milan, Italy, 11/23/11

“This is so wonderful-sleek and unique and so comfortable to wear. I literally haven't taken it off since it arrived. It's now my signature ring. This seller is so talented and such a pleasure to deal with: just an excellent experience altogether.”
-Susan from Seattle, 11/6/11

“This is so amazing!! Thank you so much!”
   -Clare from Australia, 8/6/11

“OOOOHHHH!! I think your ring it's like having a big treasure!!! One day you'll be very famous and I'll say I have a little bit of her art!”

   - Leticia from the Canary Islands (Spain), 6/7/11

“Great shopping experience! The ring size is perfect and the ring itself is so eye-catching! Lots of compliments!”
   - Amy from PA, 6/7/11

“I lovelovelove my necklace and everything else in this shop. Thank you, Erica! :)”
   - Emily from VA, 4/18/11

“totally LOVE this ring!!!!!! Thanks so much, awesome work :)”
   - Erin from NC, 4/9/11

“Thank you very much, I am really very happy. I commend you for your fabulous job.  I am a fan.”
   - Julie from France, 3/15/11

“Gorgeous item. Totally stunning and worth the money and the shipment from USA. I have had so many compliments and its a definite conversation starter. Totally unique and very cleverly designed! Many thanks”
   - Isaura from the UK, 11/15/10

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love the honeycomb ring I ordered. It's so comfortable and I've gotten tons of compliments on it.”
   - Isabel from CT, 10/2/10

“My friends love your creation. I'm sure you will have some command from France...”
   - Anne-Sophie, Limoges, France, 9/16/10

“Just wanted to let you know that the triple moonball ring you made for me is seriously my favorite thing in the world.”
   - Katherine from WV, 9/8/10

“I received it today and I love it! You are so talented, I'll make sure to tell all those who comment on it where I got it.Thanks Erica.”
   - Sara from PA, 8/28/10

“i LOVE LOVE LOVE the triple moonball.
Happy to be one of your # 1 fans. So fun that my other rings aren't getting much love. Just paid, can't wait...”
   - Pam from MA 5/27/10 and 5/28/10

“Love the compliments but more than that I love the doubletakes & sideways glances at my rings. and the rings :0)”
   - Pam from MA 8/26/10

“I love, Love, LOVE my ring! Get tons of compliments every time I wear it. Thought I lost it a couple of weeks ago and CRIED, but thank goodness I found it! (Would've ordered a new one had it really been gone.)”
   - Gillian from CA, 9/5/10

“Beautiful necklace! Very different and can go with anything!”
   - Darya from CA, 8/15/10

“Adorable and cute! The perfect gift for my best friend.”
“Even more beautiful than pictured. Very satisfied with mine. Very
good service and fast shipment too :)”
   - Marte from Oslo, Norway, 7/14/10

“beautiful as in pic, quick delivery, good communication”
   - Sara from Turin, Italy, 6/13/10

“Absolutely Gorgeous and perfect!!!”
   - Vanessa from NYC, 5/28/10

“Coolest ring EVER!! Surprisingly comfortable to wear!  Love it!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++”
   - Mary Margaret from TX, 5/2710

“Terrific item from a terrific artist! A true pleasure! Thanks so much!”
   - Lisa from VA, 5/21/10

“the wait was worth this ring..sooooooo fun”
   - Ellen from MA, 5/9/10

“The ring was mailed and received really quickly, and it is amazing!”
   - Aubrey from Washington, 5/5/10