Erica Schwartz started DESiGNERiCA as a venue for the creation of original environmentally and socially responsible stylish modern accessories using modern technological tools.

Erica Schwartz, Designer and Owner

Erica spent her formative years in the suburbs of New York City before moving to New Hampshire where she studied Religion at Dartmouth College. She then returned to NY to pursue a masters degree in Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. While at Pratt she completed a thesis project about sustainable design. She now resides at Project: Redefine, an experiment in creatively sustainable living in Brooklyn, NY, which she also co-founded.  She does freelance product design and has experience designing jewelry and watches, furniture, kitchen gadgets, pet products, and various other things. She is moderately certain that humanity is a predominantly positive force. She loves lime green, science fiction, satire, mid-century modern design, dogs, children, and penguins, and strongly believes that everything is funnier if you put it on your head.

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Nicki Santini, Business and Sales

Nicki Santini is an artist, writer, and media scholar with a M.A. in Media Arts from The University of Arizona. She relocated to NYC from Tucson in 2011 to work in the Programming Department at EPIX (TV Network) before leaving to help her friend Erica develop her business. Her favorite things include long road trips, cooking tasty meals, enjoying the cuteness of pandas, playing Sorry! with pals, tantric Roku viewing, and pondering the whys and hows of media development & distribution. Nicki lives in Greenpoint just down the block from the 119 Society.  

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